Camouflage Romantic Suspense


CAMOUFLAGE : Racing Romantic Suspense

Mark a corporate executive quits his job, buries his past and migrates to the city of Bangkok where he meets the love of his life... Sheina is the girl of his dreams, young gorgeously pretty, and his next door neighbor. Mark falls for Sheina, though unknown of the future.  

What follows next is the deadly game of drugs, sex, and deceit as Mark discovers that his very own neighbor is not all what she claims to be... 

Set in contemporary Bangkok, a complex mix of heritage, temples, rich culture, Camouflage is an insightful must read for all those who fantasize exotic travel destinations.

"The teasing chime of her laughter, the scent of lavender which she never failed to carry, the tender breath of sweet nothings in my ear. I reminisced the evening when we walked on the beach, together, hand in hand. Her hand around my arm made me the most happiest man on earth. It was divine. I wanted to freeze the moments of love and togetherness we shared but before I could do that she walked away. She cheated on me. She turned every moment we spent together into painful memories. I wished I could bury them deep underground."  

What to expect?

  • Warning #1: A fast-paced romance with action happening at each paragraph. Don’t blame me if it keeps you biting your nails and at the edge of your seat all the time.  
  • Warning #2: Smoking sensuality, Romance in Abundance.  

See what reviewers are saying about Camouflage  

"A great combination of love and intrigue. Highly recommended to fans of romantic suspense.” ~ Annie Arcane, author of Hartbroken Series  

“I’ll just say that this unusual little novel captivated me and kept me up half the night reading.” ~ Page LaRue, Amazon Customer  

“Everything about this book was a page turner.” ~ J. Saman, author of Start Again series  

“Hasnain weaves a complex mystery with many layers to peel away as you go. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a good mystery with a splash of romance to spice things up.” ~ Melissa Copeland, author of Solitary 

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