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Set in the cities of Bangalore and Goa, RENEGADE is a story of friendship, love, trust, and commitment. Head back to campus and relive your college life once again with an irresistible and passionate tale of two lonely hearts. Add more sparkle to your celebrations this festive season. 

After her father’s death, Ruchika migrates from the small town of Raebareily to the big city of Bangalore to overcome the loss and to study further. With hopes and dreams, she is determined to complete her education and get a job, but destiny has something else for her in store. 

A charming and handsome fellow classmate steals her heart the very first day of college and she finds herself weaving fantasies about her ultimate union with Rajeev. 

As for Rajeev, falling for an introvert and shy Ruchika is the last thing he needs in his life but despite his best efforts, he fails to keep himself away from a girl with long dark hair and compelling kohled eyes.

Ruchika’s dream world where every time good wins over the bad is not the life that Rajeev has lived, and he thinks that he can’t be her hero.

On the other hand, the intense magnetism that Ruchika feels for mysterious Rajeev lingers longer and she can’t help but fall for him.

While Ruchika thinks she has found her prince charming, Rajeev is afraid of that revealing his true identity would shatter their lives for always. But then some love stories take an unexpected turn… 

What To Expect:

1. Warning #1 Fast paced romantic suspense that will keep you at the edge of your seat the entire time.

2. Warning #2 College romance with sparking chemistry between the lead couple that often leave you mushy and wanting.

3. Warning #3 Passionate and intense love scenes but nothing that can be categorized as erotica. Moderate use of strong language. Moderate sexual content.

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Mariyam Hasnain

About the Author

"love is not always sweet but sometimes tangy, sour, and bitter."

Mariyam Hasnain is a romance writer, a blogger, and a writing coach. She is an indie author of five published books including the short story collection "Still the Love Blooms", the novella "Love Me Baby", the full-length novel "Camouflage,” "Hearts & Kisses," and the recently released novel “Renegade.” Apart from these Mariyam also publishes in different pen names and has more than 100 indipublished works to her credit. Other than that she also enjoys training others on self publishing and is an expert on online content management and marketing.

According to Mariyam, love is not always sweet but sometimes tangy, sour, and bitter. It's not always bright and colorful but often dark, grey, and black. So, her romance books are not always sweet but at times sassy, naughty, dark, and flirty. Her books mainly explore the intricacies of modern-age college romance, second chances, love at first sight, and forbidden love. So, go ahead and enjoy the ride as you explore the shades of naughty and nice romance with Mariyam.